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Bagel Uprising

The Uprising began in the fall of 2015 in response to a distressing lack of authentic (i.e. boiled and baked) bagels in our neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria. Over time, and with feedback from carb-loving family and friends, we came up with a recipe that does a pretty good job. (And because we know you’re wondering: No. The secret is not the water.) When we made our debut at the Four Mile Run Farmer’s Market, we made the bagels in our home kitchen. The first week we brought 100 bagels; the next week a few more; then even more. Our house was covered in seeds, so it was fun — and a relief — to do two local pop ups with actual commercial kitchens, followed by a stint in a local restaurant. In 2019 we were thrilled to open our permanent home right in the heart of Del Ray.

We use only five ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, malt, and brown sugar. And no fancy flavors, either. Just the classics:

Everything, Garlic, Onion, Sesame, Poppy, Salt & Plain.

(And cinnamon which, while tasty, is a bit of a moral lapse.)

A quick word on the size of bagels. Some contend ours are petite. They’re actually the same size as a traditional New York bagel. Here’s a description from the Gray Lady herself, the New York Times:

“A bagel is a round bread made of simple, elegant ingredients: high-gluten flour, salt, water, yeast and malt. Its dough is boiled, then baked, and the result should be a rich caramel color; it should not be pale and blond. A bagel should weigh four ounces or less and should make a slight cracking sound when you bite into it instead of a whoosh… All else is not a bagel.”

Our bagels are hand-made, so no two are the same, but they weigh in right around four ounces. If just one doesn’t fill you up, you know what to do . . . Bagel Uprising launched at the Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market in September 2015 and opened its permanent outpost at 2307A Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria in September 2019.
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Where To Find Us

We’re located in the heart of Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood.

2307A Mt. Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA

We’re open 7a-2p (unless we sell out earlier!) every day but Tuesday

Bagel Gallery

2307A Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA

(703) 566-8459

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